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Welcome in our House
Dear Guest, if many people next door live together in a House, it needs just as in social life also in the holiday some small but important rules!

Since it recently increased  in FISS thefts came to keep our doors locked DAY and NIGHT. And video  surveillance 24 active!
CLOCK from 22:00 in the Apart Hotel Bergkönig begins the  night's sleep, the TV / music system MUST be operated with low volume! ( talk quietly ) Also children must keep to this necessary regulation!
Because it in the flats as well as in the elbowroom over and over again for wilful damages comes the elbowroom will become a videosupervised and the flats before departure checked! (Security 300 - EUR)
The flats are controlled before departure on damages!
We ask for your understanding that we allow  children under 15 not permitted in this area! - This is a NUDE AREA!  (Hygiene)
Furthermore, we prohibit any kind of food in the spa! The sauna  towels must always be left in the spa!
For organizational  reasons, we ask you the bill on Friday night 17:00 to 18:00 CLOCK pay, guests  should leave earlier, us this information must be given no later than Thursday,  because then we make any changes regarding payroll anymore! Note the fees for  card payment! ( 2 ATMs nearby our house or online bank transfer )

PLEASE: enter the House and especially the apartments not Street shoes and especially not with ski or snowboard boots. Pull out Street shoes in the shoe room.
(House shoes are obligatory throughout the hotel!)

PLEASE: Never enter the house with ski boots, and other sports equipment, because the damage caused to tiles, floors and wooden doors etc. is very expensive to eliminate. Due manipulation fee for non-follow 100,-EUR up to the House reference for the person concerned! (Any damage costs are added)!

PLEASE: Do not smoke in the house and the  apartment. On the balcony to smoke, you are welcome. (In the closed balcony  door!)

PLEASE: they understand that attendance is permitted by  known ONLY to request from us! We do not have to experience very bad  experiences. The apartment is only for you.

PLEASE: take note of  the waste separation exactly! You are responsible for ensuring that all the  garbage from the apartment sorted exactly is brought into the container at the  bottom of the exit!

PLEASE: please note that late arrivals and  early departures will be charged!

PLEASE: watch out for furniture,  upholstery and carpets on very well. Should something actually happen, please  report this to us immediately so that we can treat stains immediately and we  have to charge any additional costs.

These House rules are to be communicated by the person who is going to be in advance (= our contract partner) to every person travelling to us!!
NOT to comply with the House rules, we are entitled to terminate the rental agreement immediately. And you if necessary to reference the home!

With best regards, Apart Hotel Bergkönig, Fam Grün
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